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addmath makes me crazy..

if i were given a choice to take addmath or not to...
i will never and never and never takes addmath..
but in reality...i'm not given a choice to drop the Addmath subjects..
because...its good for my future...
but for me....only a very-very...good and inteeligent person can takes the Addmath subjects...
but not for me...

even i have tried so many times to fix myself to understand the Addmath subject...
its not gonna works at all...always the same result...Failed..Failed..and Failed..
woah!!...how hard it is...u know!!

but as i can see...
only a losers will give up easily..
and i not a Losers..
and i will never give up!!....
there is a time that i can fix it and learn it more..

ok....I will never give up!!..

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