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nothing that i can say only my expression that i can show..
seriously i am really really really disappointed on my damn result for these past semester!!..
nothing changed...

err maybe a little bit improvement..
but still i'm not satisfied..

damn! i hate that kind of feeling!..
really frustrated...!!


hmm..ok enough!.
is useless being like this..
calm down nad !..

sorry mom and dad..forgive me i had letting you down..

hmm chill nad!..
think postive!..

dont give up..

for this last sem..
try harder..

study hard..

" Nad mana boleh putus asa!"

stop being weak..
lets change into a strong women..
strong hard..

just accept this failure as a challenge in my life..

chill nad! :)
ok macam takde kena mengena..

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